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Corporate Law

Mr. Carter has represented publicly and privately held corporations in corporate matters. Mr. Carter advises corporate officers and directors as to their duties under the law and assists them in carrying out their business plans. As corporate counsel, Mr. Carter has prepared and reviewed numerous business agreements for clients. Examples include shareholder agreements, employment agreements, service agreements, merger agreements, asset purchase agreements, confidentiality agreements, commercial leases, and commercial association agreements.

Business Court

Mr. Carter is an experienced practitioner in Nevada Business Court. He has prosecuted and defended shareholder derivative actions involving claims of breach of fiduciary duty against corporate officers and directors.Read More

Local Counsel

The Firm welcomes opportunities to serve as local Nevada counsel. We assist out-of-state counsel in becoming admitted pro hac vice in a specific Nevada case. We also share our knowledge and experience of local rules and practice. The firm is currently serving as local counsel in various Nevada matters, including on behalf of an automobile manufacturer, the former CEO of a publicly traded Nevada corporation, and an electronic payments servicer.

Investment Law

Mr. Carter has represented investors, corporations, executives, and professionals in a wide variety of investment disputes. In notable engagements, Mr. Carter has successfully participated in representing approximately forty entities.Read More

Meet Jerry Carter

All clients of the Law Offices of Jerry Carter, P.C. want and deserve zealous and effective legal representation. We take great professional satisfaction in helping you to resolve your legal dispute, helping you to collect or protect your money, and helping you to strengthen your contracts and procedures. Mr. Carter loves it when a client tells him “You get things done!”

Through personal and confidential consultation, we strive to listen to you and understand your needs and objectives. Based on the legal standards applicable to your situation, we will frankly communicate to you the risks and opportunities that present themselves. We will work with you to formulate the most straightforward strategy to accomplish your realistic objectives. We will then work to carry out the agreed-upon strategy with diligence, skill, and professionalism, and report to you about our progress.

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